Top 7 Marketable Careers for Accounting Graduates

Top 10 Marketable Careers in Accounting

Accounting is a profession that deals with the measurement, disclosure, and management of financial information that can be used to make decisions about economic activities. Accounting encompasses both financial accounting, which deals with the measurement and reporting of financial information to regulatory authorities such as governments or stock exchanges, and management accounting, which deals with measuring and reporting performance internally to managers.

A career in accounting can be an excellent choice for people who are detail-oriented and have strong math skills. It is also not uncommon for accountants to work in different industries such as retail or construction.

Accountants typically need a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field before they can take the CPA exam. This exam allows accountants to become licensed professionals who are qualified to audit public companies as well as offer advice on taxation issues.

Career pathways for accounting graduates

Accounting is a demanding profession. It requires a lot of hard work, patience and perseverance. However, it also provides a lot of opportunities for growth and success.

There are many different career paths for accounting graduates: accountants looking to work in public accounting firms, those who want to work in the corporate world, or those who are interested in entrepreneurial ventures.

A degree in Accounting can provide you with many different career opportunities as well as the opportunity to learn about business practices that may be applicable to other fields.


An auditor is a person who inspects the financial records and other business records of a company, to determine whether they are accurate, reliable and complete. Auditors can be internal or external.

Auditors are professionals who manage the records of a business and ensure that they are accurate. Auditors have to be qualified accountants or have relevant experience in this field. They analyze financial records and compare them against accounting standards to check for any irregularities.

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Auditors are responsible for analyzing financial records and compare them against accounting standards to check for any irregularities and preparing reports on the findings and have them submitted to the company’s management team.

They also provide advice on how to improve business processes, participate in meetings with management team, shareholders, regulators, auditees, etc.

The national average salary for an Auditor in the US is $94K according to

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is a person who analyzes the financial data and reports of a company. They are responsible for predicting the future performance of the company and forecasting the financial condition.

Financial analysts work in many different industries, including banking, insurance, and real estate. They may also work in government agencies, or for non-profit organizations.

The average annual salary of a financial analyst is $71K according to The job of a financial analyst can be challenging, but it is rewarding. The more experience and knowledge a person has, the more they can earn in their career.

Risk Analyst

A Risk Analyst is a person who identifies and quantifies risks and potential losses. They do this by analyzing the probability of an event occurring, the impact it will have if it does occur, and the cost to prevent or reduce that risk.

Risk analysts are employed in many different industries, such as banking or finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and construction. In these industries they are responsible for assessing risks associated with investments or projects and developing strategies for managing those risks.

According to “The average Risk Analyst I salary in the United States is $61,166 as of September 26, 2022, but the range typically falls between $53,643 and $70,560.”

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Compliance Officer

A compliance officer is responsible for ensuring that the company and its employees comply with laws, regulations, and other legal requirements. They are usually employed by large corporations in order to protect their reputation.

Compliance officers are subject to a number of regulations from different governmental agencies. They have to make sure that the company is not breaking any laws or violating any regulations.

For example, they have to make sure that the company does not discriminate against certain groups of people or practice any form of corruption. Compliance officers also need to keep track of all records related to transactions and ensure that they are accurate and up-to-date.

The base national pay average for a compliance officer in the United States is $64K in 2022 as stated by

Forensic Accountant

Forensic accountants are accountants that specialize in the examination of financial records to determine if there is any fraud or illegal activity.

Forensic accountants can be expert witnesses in court, or they can work for a company to help them identify fraud.

The skills of forensic accountants are often in high demand because they are able to find discrepancies in data and determine how the data has been manipulated.

According to data from, October 2021 indicates that forensic accountants at the 90th percentile earn base salaries of about $107,000 per year.

Credit Analysis Manager

A credit analysis manager’s job is to analyze the creditworthiness of a company or an individual. They are in charge of analyzing the financial statements, balance sheets, and other documents that need to be submitted by the applicant. They also provide recommendations on how much credit should be offered and under what terms.

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The credit analysis manager needs to have excellent analytical skills as well as good interpersonal skills. They need to be able to communicate effectively with people from various backgrounds and cultures.

The person needs to be able to work independently, without supervision, but also needs to be open-minded enough for feedback from others.

The average base pay of a Credit Analysis Manager salary in the United States according to is $109K.

Tax Accountant

Tax accountants provide tax preparation services to individuals and businesses. They are responsible for calculating the tax amount owed and then filing the appropriate forms with the government.

Accountants are important people in the world of finance. They help businesses and individuals keep track of their finances and make sure that they are not breaking any laws.

The role of a tax accountant is to make sure that the individual or company is abiding by all the laws, rules, and regulations that govern taxation. They also prepare tax returns for taxpayers and file them with the appropriate government agencies. reports $57,860 s the national base pay for Tax accountants in the United States.


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