Best Apps to Learn Coding as a Beginner in 2023

Best Apps to Learn Coding as a Beginner in 2023

Are you interested in learning how to code but don’t know where to start? With so many resources available, it can be overwhelming trying to determine the best way to begin. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have a basic understanding of coding, there are plenty of apps and resources available to help you get started on your coding journey. In this blog, we’ll explore the best apps for beginners who are interested in learning to code.

What is coding and why you should learn to code?

Coding refers to the process of writing instructions for a computer to follow in order to perform a specific task. The instructions, which are written in a specific programming language, are used to control the behavior of software, websites, and other digital systems.

Learning to code has become an essential skill in today’s digital age. With the increasing demand for technology in every aspect of our lives, the job market for coders is expanding rapidly. Coding skills are not only in demand for tech jobs, but also for non-tech positions, as the ability to code is becoming increasingly important in many industries. In addition, learning to code can provide a sense of empowerment, as you have the ability to build and create your own ideas from scratch. It also provides opportunities for creative problem-solving and can even improve your critical thinking and analytical skills.

Overall, learning to code is a valuable investment in your future and provides a fulfilling and engaging hobby. Whether you want to build a website, create an app, or simply understand how technology works, learning to code is a great place to start.

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Best Coding Websites

From interactive tutorials to fun games, these apps make coding accessible, fun, and achievable for anyone. So buckle up, and let’s dive into the world of coding! is a non-profit organization that aims to increase access to computer science education and promote the study of coding as a foundation for lifelong learning. They believe that every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science and have a clear path to study it further in college, if they choose to do so. offers a range of resources for teachers, students, and parents, including online courses, tutorials, and interactive games that make learning to code accessible and fun for everyone. They have partnerships with over 200,000 schools and offer a range of programs, including Hour of Code, which is a one-hour introduction to computer science designed to demystify code and show that anyone can learn the basics.’s goal is to make coding education a priority in every school and to provide every student with the opportunity to learn computer science. They believe that coding is a fundamental skill that should be taught in schools, just like reading, writing, and mathematics.


Codecademy is an online learning platform that offers interactive coding lessons. It allows you to learn coding at your own pace with step-by-step lessons and optional exercises on mobile, making it convenient for learners on-the-go. Codecademy covers a wide range of programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, Ruby, C++, PHP, Go, Swift, SQL, and more. It offers clear progression with career paths, but you can also browse and pick and choose lessons as you like. With its user-friendly interface and explanations of terms and syntax, Codecademy is a great introductory resource for anyone interested in learning to code.

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Programming Hero

Programming Hero is a coding app designed for absolute beginners who want to learn at their own pace. It offers a friendly and easy-to-understand approach to coding with jargon-free language and coding challenges turned into mini-games. The app helps learners work their way up through the challenges and ultimately create their own game. The platform covers coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL, making it a comprehensive and engaging resource for those starting out on their coding journey.


Grasshopper is a coding app developed by Google, specifically designed for beginners to start coding in JavaScript. The app offers an accessible and user-friendly way to start coding, with a focus on key concepts that apply to any programming language. Coding exercises are presented as puzzles to solve, with a well-balanced mix of instructions, actual coding, and on-screen results. The progression speed is steady, starting with simple screen elements to move before getting into typing. With its easy-to-use interface and clear instructions, Grasshopper is a great resource for beginners looking to start coding in JavaScript.

Code Avengers

Code Avengers is a comprehensive online coding platform that offers a variety of paths for learning, from exercises for kids to courses for those looking to pursue a career in coding. It covers coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python, along with web development and design tutorials. The platform has an easy-to-use layout, with teaching instructions, code samples, and results of your coding all displayed on the same screen. Code Avengers is a great resource for those who want to learn coding at their own pace and in a fun and interactive environment.

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Treehouse is an online learning platform that focuses on videos and programming exercises for those considering a career in coding. It is a comprehensive and structured platform with clear progression of tutorials and exercises, including a Workspaces feature where you can try out your own experiments. The platform covers a range of coding languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and more. However, it may not be suitable for casual learners as lessons start at $25 a month and the platform has a more formal and heavy approach. The 7-day free trial is available to help users determine if it is the right fit for them.

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