11 BEST Education Business Ideas to Start in 2023

11 BEST Education Business Ideas to Start in 2023

The education industry is a $2 trillion dollar industry, with the United States being the largest market for it. This industry has been growing steadily over the past few decades and is expected to continue to grow in the near future.

The education sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in America, and it has become a major part of American society. It has also been a catalyst for social change.

The education industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in today’s society. It has been on the forefront of many technological advancements and changes that have taken place in recent years.

Online Coaching and Tutoring

Offer online coaching and tutoring services at low or no cost to schools. Research the market and see if you can find a niche that’s in need of your expertise.

You should have a college degree from an accredited university before pursuing this common career. You will be teaching individual students in the subject you are passionate about. You can become an online tutor for topics such as algebra, philosophy, and history can be a great way to earn money without having to change careers.

Online Courses

If you can develop engaging educational content for learners, this could be a good business. You will also need to be able to connect with people who will pay for your courses and get reviews from other learners. The key is to keep improving the quality of your work, overcoming challenges and competition, and finally becoming the one-stop shop for online learning. Online-based courses don’t always need to be focused on a specific skill. There are a variety of topics out there that could be successfully monetized, from how-to guides, to how-to videos, and more.

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Creating Up-to-date Lesson plans and materials

Instructors are always on the lookout for quality materials that they can use to improve their lesson plans. With an online business, you can provide these materials while increasing your income.

You can develop a platform that allows teachers to create their own lesson plans and materials while receiving content they can use in their classrooms. You could even offer professional development opportunities to help teachers expand their skillset.


There is a growing number of people who are considering homeschooling. You could offer professional services to these families by providing curriculum, templates, and other helpful resources.

The number of homeschooling families has been steadily increasing and this trend won’t change anytime soon. Education is a competitive market, which means expert advice and timely information will help you stand out from the competition.

A website and social media groups for people interested in homeschooling and then offer discounts, tutorials, and support to those who want to homeschool in the event of a pandemic.

Teaching languages

You could get creative with language teaching. You could offer a service where you help people who are struggling or have forgotten a language to learn it again by using the techniques that you perfected in college classroom setting.

Create a language school that offers lessons in a variety of languages and cultures. You’ll need to develop a mix of online and in-person marketing, as well as build a loyal and eclectic class of students.

Etiquette Classes

Etiquette classes are in high demand for many reasons, not the least of which is that it can be difficult to teach the proper etiquette and poise in person. Teaching online means that you can reach a larger audience without taking up many resources. The etiquette business idea allows you to teach the art of proper etiquette and manners by forming a class later in the evening that people can attend.

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Test prep coaching

Whether you’re a parent who wants to help their child succeed in school or you’re an education professional looking for your next side hustle, test prep coaching and tutoring is a great way to help others.

There are hundreds of test prep services online, but only a few with tutors who are hand-picked for their expertise. You could offer test prep coaching over Zoom to students anywhere in the world and reap the benefits of your deep knowledge.

Coding and Programming Bootcamp for Kids

Consider starting a coding and programming boot camp for kids. A community center that offers a variety of services, such as classes for teens and adults, summer camps, and even after-school programs can grow sustainable businesses.

A coding and programming Bootcamp for kids by offering free trial periods and also providing accompanying technology grants to low-income schools for students to use after the trial period.

Start with coding that teaches kids the fundamentals of programming and computer science. They may even be able to support the operations of your business while they are still young.

There’s a large market for businesses that teach coding, but few have the infrastructure of a coding school. You could help provide this by offering a full-time, year-long Coding and Programming Bootcamp for Kids.

Music Academy

With the recent growth of mobile app development, you can create a mobile app that teaches students how to play music on a wide variety of instruments in an interactive, immersive way. The business can also survive off its digital marketing services, like augmented reality app marketing.

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A well-functioning music academy would be an ideal opportunity to share your love of music with the world. Paying for musical teachings and lessons would be a substantial part of the school’s revenue and help students learn in a setting that is more comfortable for students of all levels.

You could create a music school online or in person. Hone your teaching skills by providing a credentialed music education program to advance your own career as you build your business.

Mindfulness or stress management

This business idea could be a niche area of focus or you can offer general mindfulness services. Either way, your focus must be on helping people cope with stress and anxiety.

With online coaching, group classes, and mindful meditation programs you’ll have plenty of ways to help people relieve their daily stresses.

Marriage Counselling

As a serial business owner and experienced personal development tutor, you could offer a service that coaches people to reach their goals in six months or less. You would need to be skilled in using proven, scientific methods as well as practical examples of how to put those methods into practice.

Helping individuals improve their lives and their personal development skills is your niche. Utilize your expertise to help individuals uncover the best course for them to take according to their skills and interests.

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