Free Online Certification Courses In Canada (2023)

Free Online Certification Courses In Canada

Do you want to learn a new skill but don’t want to spend a fortune doing it? If you are looking for free online courses that can help you bag Canadian certificates, go no further than the one listed here.

Everything from tenable certifications in Canada to accredited healthcare courses is available for free online. In light of the recent SRI International research showing that “on average, students in online learning environments did better than those getting face-to-face teaching,” now is an excellent moment to take advantage of these free courses and increase your knowledge.

Read on to find out more about the many courses that are offered and some of the topics they feature.

But wait…Are there any benefits of learning online?

Reasons to enroll in a free online course in Canada?

There are several benefits to enrolling in a free online course in Canada. It allows people the freedom to study wherever and whenever they choose, whether that’s in the comfort of their own homes or right at their desks at work. It’s a great way to pick up transferable skills and expand one’s horizons professionally.

And since they are available without cost, online courses are a great way to discover new passions and expand existing ones. They also help you keep informed of what’s happening in your profession by reporting on the newest news and trends. In conclusion, a free online course in Canada is a fantastic opportunity to fill in knowledge gaps or get professional recognition afterward.

Software Engineering Certificate course

If a career in software engineering is something you’re considering, enrolling in the Software Development MicroMasters Program’s might be a great decision for you. A 6-week Software Engineering – Introduction Certificate course will help you get a thorough hang-on with software engineering concepts as they pertain to large-scale software systems, and you will study the ins and outs of designing, constructing, and testing multi-version software systems. Software definition, design, refactoring, and information are among the topics discussed in addition to Agile development, REST, and Async programming. Get started now by enrolling in the class.

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Certificate of Structural Design Competence for Non-engineers

Competency in Structural Design for Non-Structural Engineers is a free, online certificate program offered by Canada’s Engineering Institute of Technology and lasts three months. Learn the foundations of Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) and steel structure design, as well as the analysis and application of structures, the behavior of materials under loads, the selection of building materials, and more with this program! Learn about the many types and amounts of stress that arise under loads, as well as how buildings withstand these stresses. Most of the focus is on reinforced concrete and steel, although the course does present masonry and wood as viable alternatives. This curriculum is excellent preparation for anyone in Canada who are searching for free online courses in this area.

How to Code Certification

How to Code: Simple Data is available at no cost via UBCx and EdX, two online education initiatives run in tandem at the University of British Columbia. In only seven weeks, you’ll learn all you need to know to write bug-free, easily-modifiable code that can be applied to any programming language. You need to have a high level of English proficiency to be eligible for an EdX certification.

Certificate of Completion in Software Development Capstone Project

In order to manage massive volumes of data using a domain-specific querying language, students in the Software Programming Capstone Project Certificate course will study the foundations of web development using TypeScript and Node. You will learn how software is developed by a team of developers using the agile approach, and you will receive practical experience in creating a non-trivial software system. After completing this course, you will have the knowledge and tools necessary to create a cutting-edge web app.

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The goal of the Human Resource Management Program is to provide students with cutting-edge business and communication skills in addition to a solid grounding in the principles of HRM. To ensure that this software adheres to the highest standards in the field, it was designed using established methodologies. It’s one of the top free online courses in Canada that leads to a certificate, and it’ll help you stand out to potential employers and get closer to achieving your CPHR credential. In addition, the Managing Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment course may help you get your WHMIS credential.

The Concept of Object-Oriented Design

University of Alberta and Coursera provide a free online certification course in Object-Oriented Design. Those with no prior expertise with object-oriented programming in Java will benefit most from this introductory course on software architecture. Learners may build software that is reusable, adaptable, and testable by using design principles, patterns, and architectures.

Students will learn how to apply the CRC (Class Responsibility Collaborator) technique to analyze and design the object-oriented model for a problem, how to build an object-oriented model to represent the information structure of a real-world problem, how to define and explain the purpose of various object-oriented modeling constructs (such as abstraction, encapsulation, decomposition, and generalization), how to differentiate between association, aggregation, and composition dependencies, and how to apply these concepts in practice. separate the many forms of inheritance, Object-oriented models may be expressed as UML (Unified Modeling Language) class diagrams, Java source code may be converted to and from UML class diagrams, and vice versa. construct a design that is adaptable, reusable, and easily maintained by following the principles of modularity, separation of concerns, information hiding, and conceptual integrity; describe the tradeoff between cohesion and coupling; and use inheritance effectively.

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Software Development Certification

The University of British Columbia (UBCx) provides a 6-week, free online course in Canada that leads to a certificate: Software Construction – Object-Oriented Design. The concepts of object-oriented design are covered in this course, along with novel abstraction methods and design patterns, as part of the MicroMasters curriculum for software development.

Successful graduates will understand how to interpret, implement, and test software design patterns and create applications that make use of common APIs and web services. Applicants from Iran, Cuba, and the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine are unfortunately not permitted to enroll in this class.

A more advanced understanding of the Java programming language and its use in the development of software systems is the focus of this third and final course in the Software Development MicroMasters program.

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