12 Important Skills of a successful Manager

12 Important Skills of a Good Manager

The qualities of a good manager are not all the same. They vary depending on the type of organization and the type of work that is being done.

Some people are natural-born leaders, while others have to work hard to develop their leadership skills.

Some people have great people skills, while others need to learn how to get along with others. A good manager needs to be able to recognize his or her own strengths and weaknesses and work on them in order to become an effective leader.

A good manager is a leader who can guide the team in achieving goals and objectives. A manager should be able to make timely decisions with the best interests of the company in mind. A good manager is also able to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

Skills a Good Manager Must Possess

Here is a list of more important skills that makes a good manager;

Communication and interpersonal skills

Communication skills are a must-have for any manager. They are needed to manage relationships with employees, customers, and other stakeholders. A good manager should also be able to motivate their team and be a good listener.

Some of the traits of a good manager include: being passionate about their work, being an excellent communicator, having empathy for others, and being open-minded.

Listening Skills

Listening skills are one of the most important skills that a good manager should have. It is the ability to hear what someone is saying and to understand it. Good managers are able to listen, ask questions, and give feedback in order for the speaker to convey their message fully.

Listening skills can be seen as an extension of empathy, which is an important quality for a manager as well. Empathy helps managers know how they are making others feel and whether they are being understood. It also helps them understand how they will be perceived by others when they speak or act in certain ways, which gives them perspective on how they can approach different situations.

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Relationship building skills

A good manager is someone who knows how to build relationships. They are someone who can help their team members feel safe and valued. They are also able to coach, support, and give feedback to their team members. in a way that is constructive.

Emotional Intelligence skills

Emotional intelligence skills are essential for managers to be able to build a good team and lead them in the right direction. These skills include empathy, emotional self-awareness, and the ability to regulate one’s own emotions.

There are three main components of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, empathy, and social skills. Self-awareness is being aware of your emotions and recognizing them in yourself or others. Empathy is being able to understand what someone else is feeling from their perspective. Social skills are the ability to work with other people effectively as well as understanding how your emotions affect other people.

The importance of emotional intelligence is that it can be used for a variety of purposes such as building relationships with employees or improving one’s self-confidence.

Organization and project management

Organization and project management are essential skills for a manager to have. A good manager is someone who has the ability to organize and prioritize tasks. They also need to be able to communicate well with their team members and other managers.

A good manager will be able to coordinate the team effectively, manage their time and work with others. They will also know how to give feedback in a constructive way that is not too harsh or too soft.

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Strategic thinking

A good manager is not just someone who can delegate tasks and delegate tasks, but someone who can also think strategically. Strategic thinking skills are necessary for managers to make decisions that will lead their company to success.

Some of these skills are:

  •  Ability to anticipate and plan for the future
  • Understanding the business environment
  • Ability to take risks
  • Ability to understand the company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Ability to balance risk against reward

Decision making

A good manager is someone who can make a decision in every situation. They have the ability to think critically and creatively, and are able to solve problems quickly.

They are able to handle difficult conversations, empathize with others and understand what they need.

In addition, a good manager is someone who has patience and understands the importance of timing when making decisions. They know that sometimes it’s better to wait for more information before making a decision or waiting for the right time to act on it.

Trustworthiness and respect

A good manager is hard to find. They need to have a certain set of traits and skills that are not easy to come by. A good manager needs to be able to lead, motivate, and inspire people.

In order for a manager to be effective, they need the respect of their team members. This is achieved through being fair and just while also being knowledgeable in the field they are managing.


A good manager should be able to motivate their team and have a strong work ethic, they are proactive and empathetic, they are communicative, have integrity, and they can delegate tasks well. The skills of a good manager are: being able to empower employees by providing them with the tools needed for success and having an understanding of what motivates each individual on the team in order to set goals that will help them achieve those goals.

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Problem-solving and Conflict Resolution

The traits of a good manager include empathy, honesty, and fairness. These qualities are essential for establishing trust and respect with the team. The skills of a good manager are delegation, communication, and conflict resolution. These three skills are important for managing employees in an effective way.

A good manager is able to delegate tasks to the right person and communicate effectively with their team members. They can also resolve conflicts in a productive manner so that they do not disrupt productivity in the workplace.

Ability to Delegate Task

In order to be a good manager, one must have certain skills and traits. They should be able to delegate work to their subordinates, while also being able to manage their own time and workload.

A good manager is someone who can take on a lot of responsibility and still maintain the ability to delegate tasks to others. They also need the ability to multitask in order to juggle all of their responsibilities at once.

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