Is Energy a Good Career Path in 2023?

Is renewable energy a good career path

The production and distribution of electricity are the responsibility of the energy sector. We get our power in the United States through a grid system that runs from power plants to distribution points all around the country. When our gas tanks become low, we go to the nearest gas station. The people who work in the energy business guarantee that we will always have access to the electricity that powers our advanced way of life.

Working in the energy sector has its advantages and disadvantages, just like any other business. In the following sections, we’ll examine the arguments against and in favor of this idea in more detail. To sum up, many people have strong opinions on whether or not we should keep using fossil fuels and the harm they do to the environment and to our health.

Those that value sustainability and preservation can’t have picked a better moment to enter the renewable energy industry. If you’re passionate about problems related to the environment, alternative energy, or enhancing current methods of energy production, a job in this field might provide you with the perfect platform to advocate for your values. You don’t need a Ph.D. to make a difference; all you need is a cause to fight for.

Advantages and Benefits of Working in the Energy Industry

‍This is a rapidly expanding market with plenty of room for new entrants. The USEER predicts that there will be 7.8 million employment in the energy industry in 2021, up 4% from 2020. Solar energy, wind energy, and the use of electric cars were the primary drivers of employment development in the clean energy sector. However, employment in the fossil fuel industry has declined. This bolsters the movement toward using renewable and eco-friendly energy. Let’s look at some other developments in the energy sector that are making it an attractive workplace option.

You’re not limited to an office.

‍Employees in the energy industry get to experience a wide variety of workplace settings. Some people find employment in private or government offices. Some of them are employed on offshore oil rigs. Solar and wind farms need special construction and upkeep, but they provide a source of renewable energy for many. Other others go from house to house to install renewable energy systems or provide advice on how to make homes more energy efficient. Workers in the energy sector may be found in a variety of locations, including at home, in laboratories, and even at academic institutions. People that work in the energy business are similarly dispersed since we utilize energy in so many different contexts.

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Increasingly relying on technology to address pressing issues.

‍It wasn’t until the 1880s that coal was widely used to power the world. Do we really still not have a superior method of energy generation after almost 150 years? Innovative thinkers are using modern tools to address this issue.

Scientists and engineers are always exploring novel approaches of use renewable energy. If we are successful, we will increase both our energy output and our energy storage capacity. Transitioning to renewable energy sources is made easier by a number of innovative technologies. Technology such as smart grids, electric automobiles, and pumped-storage hydropower are three good examples.

Intelligent power grids

‍With the use of smart grids, power firms can keep tabs on and regulate energy usage. According to, a government website dedicated to the development of a national smart grid system, “Like the Internet, the Smart Grid will consist of controls, computers, automation, and new technologies and equipment working together, but in this case, these technologies will work with the electrical grid to respond digitally to our quickly changing electric demand.” In a nutshell, it’s a two-way feedback system for controlling power flows.

Battery-powered cars

‍Diesel emissions are greatly reduced by electric automobiles. Automobiles are becoming more eco-friendly and have greater ranges per charge as more manufacturers introduce hybrid and fully electric vehicle types. Electric cars reduce pollution because they are easier on the environment, and they can be charged with zero emissions using solar energy. Even if this choice is still out of reach for many Americans, falling costs and expanding supply have made it more accessible than ever.

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‍Hydroelectricity Forced Through Pumps

‍Pumped-storage Hydropower, often known as “pushed-hydro,” is a way to store energy without relying on on the sun or the wind by using large pumps and water. When electricity is required, the pumped water flows downhill, releasing the stored energy. The lack of efficient methods to store the generated energy is a major obstacle to the widespread use of renewable energy. For example, solar panels can only generate electricity during daylight hours. Since batteries sometimes need rare or expensive materials like lithium and cobalt, pumped hydro provides an alternative method of energy storage.

‍The employment market is predicted to expand at a greater rate than usual. Many young people are drawn to the expanding energy sector because of the availability of entry-level positions. The transition to renewable technologies, along with a younger workforce, has created an environment where professionals may advance in their careers more rapidly than in traditional fields.

‍The energy industry offers high-paying positions with good benefits. According to the 2020 Wage Report, the average salary for employment in the energy business is above the national median. There were some outliers, but they were concentrated in lower-paying fields. In the United States, energy-related occupations often provide competitive wages.

Also you have the ability to affect change for the better in the world.

‍Workers are more likely to stay in occupations that they like if they feel they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. If you have a deep concern for the planet, a career in renewable energy may appeal to you.

Perspectives on the Energy Sector in the Coming Years

‍Let’s take a step back and review how electricity is produced. Homo sapiens, as a species, have traditionally been restricted to the physical exertion they can muster via walking, pushing, carrying, and the like. At a later date, mankind transitioned to utilizing energy produced by animals. We began to get warmth from the sun or the combustion of natural resources. By trial and error, we figured out how to use wind and waves to propel boats.

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The renewable energy industry anticipates that solar energy and other forms of natural energy will provide us with limitless, clean energy to fuel our technological aspirations. Renewable energy is generated without depleting or polluting the environment. Resources such as water, wind, sun, geothermal, and biomass are all examples. Engineers specializing in renewable energy use tools like wind turbines and solar panels to create electricity. The team develops and implements strategies to enhance sustainable energy production in terms of efficiency, affordability, and dependability.

There is a disconnect between renewable energy production and use at now. Inadequate storage is a major hurdle for the renewable energy sector. Lithium-ion batteries, by far the most prevalent variety, have their uses limited to portable devices like cell phones due to their high price, limited availability of raw materials, and potential safety hazards. New battery technology, such as deep cycle batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, is being developed by certain tech firms as a means of energy storage.


‍Those with an aptitude for solving problems and an interest in energy production can find a lot of opportunities in the energy sector. Jobs in the renewable energy sector provide attractive compensation, promising future prospects, and meaningful contributions to society. Use Teal’s Job Tracker feature to keep track of your job search activities. You can keep track of open positions as you search the web with the job saver. Aside from submitting applications, you can also keep track of their progress and add notes.

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